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Or left out of a will?

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    Or left out of a will?

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      Will Disputes

      Whether you are an executor or beneficiary of a will, our Will Dispute Lawyers at PK Simpson will help you resolve your matters and allow for the best outcome for your individual circumstances. Will disputes can occur at extremely distressing and traumatic periods, but we believe this is when you need us most to provide stress free legal advice and enable you to make informed decisions to ensure your will disputes are successful ones.

      Will disputes can arise due to many reasons, but most, if not all of them arise due to the underlying belief that the will is not truly reflective of how the deceased person’s estate should be rightfully distributed. 

      Such will disputes can be caused by

      • The belief that the deceased person was not of sound mind or was incapable of making their own decisions when writing their will.
      • How the deceased person may have affected because of undue influence when making their will.
      • Uncertainties and beliefs of misinterpretation of a deceased person’s will.

      There are many other grounds to which disputes of wills occur. Our aim as your lawyers at PK Simpson is to succeed in your will disputes and provide excellent results that you’re happy with. Regardless of whether you’re wanting to dispute a will or defend a challenged will, PK Simpson lawyers will outline a clear and informative legal process to get you the outcome you’re after.

      Will Dispute Lawyers

      Whatever your will dispute may be, our expert lawyers at PK Simpson will ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your situation. We will provide clear and detailed guidance on how to approach your will disputes throughout the entire process.

      We’ll ensure you are met with an outcome for your will dispute case which properly reflects how you’d believe the deceased person’s will should be distributed to relevant beneficiaries.

      We work with your circumstances and understand that the process can get quite taxing and stressful. This is why we offer a ‘No Win – No Fee’ guarantee, so you have peace of mind that you’re only paying for the outcome you want. Contact our Will Dispute Lawyers at PK Simpson today