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    Have You Been Injured in an Accident at a Westfield Shopping Centre?

    Sliding on a banana skin might be a funny comedic device but it’s no laughing matter if you end up on your backside on a shopping centre floor seriously injured. If you’ve sustained an injury due to a slip/fall accident in a Westfield shopping centre, call us today at PK Simpson so we can ascertain whether or not you can pursue shopping centre injury compensation claims.


    About Westfield

    Westfield shopping centres are owned by the Scentre Group(1) which operates in Australia and New Zealand with 42 Westfield retail outlets that have high franchise value and attract world-leading brands. Scentre’s shopping centre ownership interests are worth $34.2 billion and retail real estate assets are valued at more than $50 billion.

    You may not need to pay for your medical expenses or financial losses if you have a claim against a retail store or Westfield shopping centre and it’s left you unable to work. At PK Simpson, we can help you lodge retail store claims for compensation whether your accident was caused by an obstacle in an aisle or a spill on the floor e.g. Don’t hesitate to call us so we can start your compensation claim.

    For more than 35 years specialist compensation lawyers at PK Simpson have helped injured and ill people of Australia to deal with insurance and make slip/fall Westfield shopping centre compensation claims.

    Hazards in Westfield Shopping Centre Retail Stores 

    Westfield shopping centres host many different kinds of commercial outlets including supermarkets, sports and clothing shops, gyms, clinics, bars, restaurants and more. Accidents are common and are not confined to shops, walkways, and escalators, but also to the huge car parks.

    In the shops’ shelves and clothing hangers must be restocked continually, and shoppers are usually more focused on what they want to buy rather than looking where they’re going.

    Westfield shopping centres are responsible for keeping you safe on their premises and in their car parks.

    The potential hazards at Westfield shopping centres:

    • Leaky, faulty or left open freezers and fridges causing liquids to spill onto floors
    • Slippery aisles from spilt fruit, packaging or drinks. (dangerous if glass bottles or containers are broken and left on floors)
    • Other kinds of debris on floors
    • Boxes or bags left in aisles during or after re-stocking
    • Faulty or stray shopping trolleys causing a clash with cars, shoppers or other trolleys.
    • Wet floors near entry and exits due to rain

    Unfortunately, people are injured almost every day in Westfield shopping centres and there are hazards that are potentially slip and fall accidents waiting to happen.

    Claim Compensation for Slip & Fall Accidents and Injuries in Westfield stores and Shopping Centres with PK Simpson today

    Although you may recoup medical expenses and lost wages, you can also claim for pain and suffering, and claimants commonly receive lump-sum payments. If you’ve been injured in an accident in a Westfield shopping centre call our team of personal injury compensation specialists at PK Simpson today.

    If you’re a Westfield employee who’s been injured in the workplace you can make a workers compensation claim. Even if you didn’t report the accident soon after it happened, call us.

    At PK Simpson, we have helped injured clients across Australia in Westfield shopping centre personal injury compensation claims. For a lawyer nearby or you’re searching online for ‘lawyers near me or in my area’, call us on 1300 757 467 so we can begin the claims process.



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      For over 35 years we’ve helped injured and ill people of Australia

      in making slip and fall Westfield compensation claims.