Traffic accident injuries

Injured on the road?

In New South Wales, it is compulsory for all registered vehicles to have third party insurance. This means that any person injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident will be covered for their personal injury. We also help injured people in accidents where the vehicle at fault is unknown or unregistered.

There are strict time limits and procedural requirements that apply to making a third party claim in New South Wales. PK Simpson’s motor vehicle accident experts can help you navigate the process with ease to ensure that you obtain the best possible result.

Two simple questions to ask yourself

1. Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault?
2. Did you suffer an injury from the accident?
If you answered yes to both of these then it is likely you will get compensation for your injuries.

What sort of compensation can I expect?

Pain and Suffering

Wages Lost

Medical Expenses

What sort of compensation can I expect?

    What should you do if you have been injured in an accident?

    If you have been injured in a road accident you should act immediately. Time limits apply to the making of a claim and various procedural requirements must be adhered to.

    Contact P K Simpson and talk to us today. You may also make other claims concerning your work life and superannuation funds. As a personal injury law firm we will make sure your benefits are maximised so your life is improved.

    To get the best result possible make sure you contact the motor vehicle accident experts at PK Simpson Lawyers. Our motor vehicle experts have represented thousands of clients in successful motor vehicle accident claims in NSW. Call our expert CTP claims team today on 02 9299 1424.

    Was the traffic accident due to a sudden failure or illness?