CAREERS in Personal Injury Law at PK Simpson

We have and develop the best solicitors in litigation in Australia.

Our system methodology is second to none.

Solicitors, legal secretaries and para-legals work within a proven system which many in the legal community have tried to replicate after experiencing it themselves. But none can.

Work within a well organised unit. The TEAM wins at PK.


Are you a solicitor with two to three years’ experience in personal injury? Or do you think you have what it takes to learn in a high energy environment?

Are you an experienced solicitor wanting more?

Send an email with your resume to [email protected]

Secretaries and Para-Legals

Work in a dynamic and hi-tech environment. You will have the support of a well organized team environment. You’ll also need skills to lead and delegate.

Personal Injury Client Liaisons

We invented the Client Liaison in personal injury law firms. Be involved with business development and online and traditional marketing. Contact us to apply.