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    Personal injury claims are civil actions, which means that if a business or other person should cause you (the Plaintiff) an injury and they are deemed at fault, the legal remedy is in the form of damages and you will receive an amount of money from the liable party (the Defendant). In NSW, most personal injury claims will require you as the claimant to prove any injuries you sustained were the fault of another person or business. If you have sustained an injury due to somebody else’s negligence, you are most likely to be entitled to make a personal injury claim, but you need to get professional advice and lodge the claim as soon as possible because there are strict time limits. With Workers’ Compensation claims, no matter who is at fault, an injured worker is entitled to compensation, even if the worker’s negligence caused their injury, they would still be entitled to claim Workers’ Compensation benefits.

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    Personal Injury

    What Does Personal Injury Include?

    In insurance terminology, ‘personal injury’ as usually defined, doesn’t include mental injury if it happened as a result of imprisonment or false arrest,  malicious prosecution, or defamation. Personal injury does include the following claims:

    • Compensation claims for vehicle accidents in New South Wales.
    • New South Wales Workers’ Compensation (dust disease, personal injury, etc.).
    • A civil liability claim in New South Wales (arising from allegations of defective goods, medical negligence, slips, trips and falls).
    • ‘Comcare’ or Commonwealth Workers’ Compensation.
    • TPD (Total and Permanent disability).
    • Income Protection or Salary Discontinuance.
    Personal Injury

    At PK Simpson, we are a personal injury law firm that charges on a No Win – No Fee basis – but, unlike most competing law firms, we do not simply pick and choose the cases that we are likely to win – and we win 99 per cent of cases!

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