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    A person’s rights under personal injury law are a little known area to many Australians, which means a lot of injured people are unaware that they can claim compensation. Some people battle on alone, suffering from financial stress, relationship breakups, loss of income, psychological stress, and the loss of their homes. If they only knew it, they could call a personal injury lawyer at PK Simpson and ask if they’re eligible to make a claim for compensation. While people can decide for themselves whether or not they want to pursue a personal injury claim, they can’t make an informed choice if they don’t know their rights or can’t find the resources needed to make such a claim. At PK Simpson, our lawyers are well-versed in personal injury legislation in NSW and provide solid advice about your rights and your eligibility to claim.

    For over 38 years, PK Simpson lawyers have helped people in NSW make successful personal injury and accident compensation claims.

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    What is Personal Injury Law?

    Personal injury law is described as general damage to someone due to the fault of another person or a breach of their duty of care. The fault can be the driver of a vehicle, a person, the owner or manager of a public area, or an employer. Claims may be due to physical or psychological injury or related to defamation (damage to character or reputation) caused by someone else’s neglect or wrongdoing.  If you have suffered a personal injury in any of the above categories, call PK Simpson lawyers today to discuss your claim.

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    PK Simpson lawyers have successfully helped thousands of people through the process of personal injury claims and won them the compensation they deserved.

    The PK Simpson team of highly skilled lawyers have the talent and experience to make sure your compensation claim is successful.

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