Personal Injury Compensation

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    At PK Simpson, our lawyers specialise in personal injury compensation, and we will act for you if you’ve been injured and suffered a loss due to the fault of another person, company, government agency or any other entity. Some examples of personal injury claims include workplace injuries, death or injury from road crashes, motor vehicle and other accidents, defective products, slip, trip and fall accidents, and professional malpractice. The loss incurred due to your injury will usually include the following, if you are:

    • Unable to work
    • Unable to take care of yourself including dressing, showering, and if you can no longer drive due to your injury and need transport
    • Unable to perform your regular domestic duties such as house cleaning, mowing lawns, cooking
    • In need of money to pay for treatment expenses
    • Enduring pain and suffering due to loss of function

    If any of the above information relates to you, then you could be entitled to personal injury compensation. While you have every right to make a personal injury compensation claim, there are strict time limits, so you need to lodge your claim as fast as possible. At PK Simpson we know all the hurdles and limitations, so don’t go it alone, call us today so we can help.

    It’s PK Simpson’s job to go up against insurance companies big or small.
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    Our personal injury lawyers have successfully handled over 25,000 claims and helped thousands of people get their lives back on track. That’s our speciality!

    Does it Matter How and Where An Injury Happened?

    No matter where or how they occur, personal injuries can cause serious pain and disability and severely restrict the sufferer from going about their daily life. Also, these accidents that cause personal injury, whether physical or psychological, can happen almost anywhere, but some of the more common places and situations include:

    • Falling down, tripping, slipping in a public place such as a footpath or park and suffering an injury.
    • In a shop or business premises, a supermarket or shopping mall, a club, gym, sports facility or entertainment venues such as movie theatres, hotels, or restaurants and you sustain an injury.
    • If you are injured while at any educational institution, including TAFE, University or school.
    • If you are Injured as part of a crowd or a participant in any sporting event or game.
    • Involvement in an accident while driving or as a passenger in a car, truck, bus or van, a motorcycle or push bike, quad bike or mobility scooter etc.
    • If you’ve been injured at work – this is under Workers’ Compensation.
    • If you have suffered an injury due to medical negligence in a hospital, surgery, nursing home etc.
    • If you have been injured due to a product malfunctioning, or if it is defective.
    • If you sustained an injury in a residence or private property, in a car park, housing estate or apartment building.

    No matter how or where you have been hurt, your specialist personal injury lawyers at PK Simpson are here to help you through your claim process to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

    At PK Simpson, we can help you win your personal injury compensation claims!
    Wherever and however your injury happened, it’s worth talking to one of our specialist personal injury lawyers.

    You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with a PK Simpson personal injury lawyer. Never settle for second best!