Personal Injury Claim Sydney

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    If you’ve been injured due to somebody else’s negligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation. You have every right to make a compensation claim for personal injury, but your claim must be lodged quickly since there are time limits. The claimant in most personal injury cases in NSW is obliged to prove their injuries were caused by the fault of another person or organisation. However, there is one exception; and that’s a claim for Workers’ Compensation. Once your PK Simpson lawyer in Sydney has lodged your personal injury claim, the next step is gathering evidence.

    For over 38 years, the lawyers at PK Simpson in Sydney have been helping the people of Australia get the compensation they are entitled to receive.

    Our lawyers have the skills and experience to make sure your personal injury claim is successful.

    What Injuries Are Claimable?

    At PK Simpson Sydney, our team of skilled and experienced lawyers act for anyone with a personal injury claim resulting from injuries that have caused them to suffer a loss. Usually, the loss will be due to one of the following:

    • If the injuries have left them with a loss of function which causes pain and suffering
    • If they are unable to work
    • If they are unable to care for themselves
    • If they are unable to perform their usual domestic duties
    • If they have incurred expenses for medical treatment

    If you live in Sydney and you’ve been injured, you might be wondering, “Is there a PK Simpson lawyer nearby or near me?”. If so, call us on 1300 757 467 or email [email protected], and we can help sort out your No Win No Fee personal injury claim.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A: The legal definition of a personal injury is general physical and/or psychological damage to a person which is the fault of another party. This can be, for instance, the driver of another vehicle, another person, owner of a public area, or an employer. A physical injury usually involves an injury of a psychological nature or it can be one or the other. Specialist doctors are required to identify the nature of injury to round out a personal injury claim.

      A: A personal injury lawyer will represent you if you’ve been injured in an incident or accident that was not your fault. Lawyers such as the specialists at PK Simpson Sydney work in personal injury and compensation law, encompassing deliberate acts and negligence, to claim compensation for you. Apart from all the legal work, lawyers also help you to recover faster by making sure you get the treatment and resources needed. PK Simpson pays for all medical reports needed to maximise your claim and get the best evidence.

      A: If you’ve suffered serious bodily, psychological or reputational injuries