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    You could be entitled to claim compensation in New South Wales if you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, whether at work or due to an accident or incident in a public or private place. Anyone who has sustained an injury due to someone else’s negligence could be entitled to make a personal injury claim, but you must lodge it quickly due to the strict time limits. If you live in Sydney and feel that you have a claim, don’t hesitate to call a PK Simpson office nearby so our talented and experienced lawyers can advise you and help you.

    If you live in NSW and you’re wondering, “Is there a good lawyer near me?” or if the thought of claiming compensation is daunting, don’t despair. At PK Simpson in Sydney, we know all the tricks insurance companies will try on, and we have the experience and skills to bring your claim to a successful conclusion. Don’t go it alone; you need a lawyer from PK Simpson to wade through the complicated process of lodging a claim and winning the amount of compensation you need to get your life back on track after an injury.


    For over 38 years, PK Simpson solicitors have helped people in NSW make successful personal injury and accident compensation claims.


    Our personal injury lawyers at PK Simpson know that every compensation claim is unique, which is why choosing the most qualified and experienced solicitor is so important. We make sure all our clients get the full amount of compensation they are entitled to receive and our No Win No Pay policy also makes our law firm the one to choose. We win over 99 per cent of claims, so if you live in NSW, don’t hesitate to contact a PK Simpson office near you on 1300 757 46 or book an appointment to come in and talk about your claim.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A: The legal definition of a personal injury is general physical and/or psychological damage to a person which is the fault of another party. This can be, for instance, the driver of another vehicle, another person, owner of a public area, or an employer. A physical injury usually involves an injury of a psychological nature or it can be one or the other. Specialist doctors are required to identify the nature of injury to round out a personal injury claim.

    A: A personal injury lawyer will represent you if you’ve been injured in an incident or accident that was not your fault. Lawyers such as the specialists at PK Simpson Sydney work in personal injury and compensation law, encompassing deliberate acts and negligence, to claim compensation for you. Apart from all the legal work, lawyers also help you to recover faster by making sure you get the treatment and resources needed. PK Simpson pays for all medical reports needed to maximise your claim and get the best evidence.

    A: If you’ve suffered serious bodily, psychological or reputational injuries it’s crucial that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. There are special skills and training and a thorough knowledge of the law required to file a personal injury lawsuit and there are time frames in which you need to lodge your claim. Especially for traffic accidents and medical negligence claims in NSW, you will need an experienced team to handle and build your claim. So the advice is to take action as soon as you are able.

    A: At PK Simpson in Sydney we act on a no win, no fee basis and an estimate of the costs will be discussed and clearly explained to you during the preliminary stages of your claim. At the end of your claim, we charge only for the work we’ve done, so if your claim is finalised faster than expected, we charge fees only up to that point. Also, we pay for all medical reports upfront.

    Unlike most law firms, we don’t charge a strict percentage which would have you paying a set figure even if the claim settles in two weeks. Costs can be affected by the type of accident, your insurer, liability and other considerations.

    A: The length of time you have to make your claim depends on the jurisdiction.

    For instance:

    • TPD claims – these may be commenced up to 10 years after you’ve stopped work. TPD claims are very technical and you may have more than one TPD claim.
    • Car accident claims – A personal injury claim form should be filled in and sent to your CTP insurer as early as possible, but must be no later than six months from the date of your accident. HOWEVER, out of time claims may be made. New NSW CTP laws have made it difficult for injured people and many law firms still do not understand how to run new claims under these laws – so call us at PK Simpson Sydney as soon as possible.
    • Workers compensation claims – You should contact a lawyer within six months of the accident. But remember, out of time claims can be handled by PK Simpson Sydney. We can help you g