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If you’ve suffered an accident or injury or have an illness, you may be eligible for TPD claims (Total and Permanent Disability) or claims from your Superannuation policy. That’s if you have TPD cover and the injury or illness has caused you to be unable, for six consecutive months, to do the work you did before the onset of illness or the accident or injury. You could be entitled to a TPD payment so you would be wise to check it out at PK Simpson Lawyers in Melbourne. We recommend that anyone in this position should check with our specialist Super Lawyers and TPD Lawyers to ascertain whether or not they may be entitled to lodge Super claims or TPD claims.

A benefit, or lump sum payment from Super claims, or TPD claims from a private insurer, can cover medical fees, debts accrued, and provide an income to help as much as possible to restore the person’s quality of life. If a parent or partner or someone a person depends upon dies, the person may be able to claim death benefits from the deceased person’s private insurer or make Super claims from their fund to help with any financial burdens. Individual policies vary in their levels of TPD cover, waiting periods, and the length of time in which benefits are payable. So, if you can’t work for the reasons mentioned above, PK Simpson’s TPD claims and Super Lawyers in Melbourne can help make sure you are eligible for and receive the maximum lump sum to which you are entitled.


At PK Simpson Melbourne our TPD claims Lawyers and Super Lawyers focus on keeping our clients up-to-date and supported throughout TPD claims process.

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What sort of compensation can I expect?

    I Live in Melbourne, Can I Make TPD or Super Claims?

    Yes, if you live in Melbourne or in any state throughout Australia, can make TPD claims, and Super claims from a private insurer or Super fund if you can no longer work. You can make TPD claims providing you’ve been employed and have Superannuation cover or private insurance with TPD cover. However, there’s a lot of variation between the different Super funds and other insurers concerning TPD, and between each policy, so it can be a complex process when it comes to who can and who cannot submit Super claims and TPD claims. But to be classified as totally and permanently disabled, or TPD, a fund member or policyholder, no matter where they live in Australia, must:

    1. Be classified as incapable, because of illness or injury, to work in any job for which they are reasonably qualified by experience, education or training
    2. Have completely ended their employment as a result of illness or injury
    3. Be 65 years or under on the date that they could no longer work due to the above
    4. Have TPD cover in their private insurance or Super policy on the day they stopped work.

    You may be able to make TPD claims or Super claims from:

    • Employment Disability Insurance
    • A private Superannuation fund
    • Sickness or Accident Insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Trauma insurance
    • Income protection Insurance
    • Loan protection insurance
    • Mortgage protection Insurance

    The lump sum payment you may be entitled to can range from $10,000 to over a million in some cases, but if you’re unsure about issues to do with TPD claims, or Super claims, contact your Super fund or call PK Simpson and talk to a specialist from our team of TPD Lawyers or Super Lawyers in Melbourne for professional advice.

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