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    Has your superannuation TPD claim been declined / rejected?

    Even if your claim has been declined, you still have options. Do NOT to accept rejection from your super fund without first talking to us.

    PK Simpson Lawyers are experts in complex TPD claims. If your claim has been rejected or you have received a procedural fairness letter from your superannuation fund, then call us to get your claim strengthened and back on track. Super fund will treat your claim with the respect it deserves when they know PK is on your side.

    We act no win no fee. Our aim is to get your compensation claim approved and the full TPD benefits paid out.

    Alternative Avenues After Your Claim Has Been Declined

    Complex TPD claims will often be contested. The compensation claim may have been prepared with errors, the superannuation fund may be relying on a technical analysis under the policy or there may be difficulties in defining the client’s health conditions. There may even be unfavourable medical reports against your claim.

    For each issue listed above, PK Simpson has a solution. We pay for all GP medical reports and specialist reports that may be required to obtain a positive result. Over the years we have built up a network of medical and legal specialists in the fields of TPD claims and income protection in Australia.

    Not any GP can correctly assess whether you are unable to work in light of total and permanent disability definition within your superannuation policy.

    TPD Claim Stalled or Taking Too Long

    If your TPD claim has stalled and your current advisors have told you there is nothing else to be done, they’re wrong.

    The only option for most financial advisors, non-legal claims people, (and even other law firms) trying to handle your total and permanent disability claim is to make a complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

    Little to no progress is achieved as the super fund will simply rely on the policy and evidence provided to them. Most firms also do not have the financial resources to obtain further supportive medical evidence and specialist reports. And will require the client to pay for medical reports and treatment in Australia.

    PK Simpson pay up front for all medical reports, even from specialists including occupational therapists and GP’s who specialise in TPD assessments. Our clients do not pay for medical reports from their own pocket. You won’t find this anywhere else. We only render fees upon successful completion of your compensation claim.

    At some stage, your TPD claim is assessed by lawyers within the superannuation fund and insurer. Super funds will go so far as to employ outside law firms to help reject TPD compensation claims. It’s in your best interest to be prepared with experienced legal advice in Australia.

    Call PK Simpson Superannuation TPD Lawyers now if your TPD claim is declined, rejected or claims process taking too long.

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