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    If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness, been injured in a vehicle accident, or someone has been negligent and caused you harm, it can be distressing and life-changing. The sooner you engage a lawyer to deal with your compensation claim, the better, and our lawyers at PK Simpson can help you through it all. We’re here to support you and to do everything we can to help you receive the compensation you deserve so you can get back on your feet and get the care and financial help you need.

    At PK Simpson we have top lawyers who specialise in all aspects of their chosen profession and who can help you win your case and receive the compensation to which you are entitled. We communicate with you in plain English, and we also know the terminology used when lawyers deal with compensation cases can seem like another language to people who aren’t well versed in the language of the law. The jargon is complicated – law students spend years studying it – so unless you’re a lawyer, it can be a nightmare trying to wade through it. At PK Simpson we know how to translate so you are clear about what is happening every step of the way.

    For over 35 years, PK Simpson has helped people in Australia to make successful compensation claims.

    We are a personal injury law firm that charge on a No Win – No Fee basis – we don’t simply pick and choose the cases we’re likely to win – and we win over 99 per cent of cases!

    Lawyers Are Best at Battling Big Insurance Firms

    You could end up with less compensation than you deserve if there is even a minor legal error in your case, which is why it is crucial to engage the best lawyers to handle it. A good lawyer can ensure your claim clears every legal hurdle. PK Simpson lawyers have been winning compensation cases for years so we know every difficulty that can arise and we have the experience to handle them all. Big insurance companies will do everything they possibly can to deny you the right to compensation, but with PK Simpson on your side, you can be assured that we will go into battle for you.

    We know every insurance trick in the book, so our lawyers can help to stop any legal shenanigans used by the insurer’s team to try to reject your compensation claim. If you had to deal with the insurance company or their lawyers, you’d no doubt find it very frustrating and intimidating. So, let PK Simpson lawyers do it all for you. If your claim has been rejected, we know how to deal with an appeal and to make sure the playing field is equal.

    PK Simpson Injury Compensation Lawyers maximise your compensation by getting the best specialist reports to back your claim.

    We pay for all medical reports, so there is no financial strain on you. We research all claim avenues to make sure you don’t miss out on a thing. Experience counts.

    Superannuation changes which affects your insurance and TPD cover

    Compensation Claims We Fight For at PK Simpson

    Motor vehicle accidents are the most common form of personal injury compensation claims made in Australia. However, there are many other personal injury claim areas where compensation is available and where PK Simpson lawyers are experts:

    • Workplace accidents
    • Motor Vehicle accidents
    • Public Place accidents
    • Inability to work due to injury or illness
    • Private place accidents
    • Whole injury damages claims (Common Law Claims)
    • Medical negligence

    At PK Simpson, we have all the necessary skills, experience, and personnel to manage any compensation matter. If you or someone you know has suffered injury or illness and feel that you may be entitled to claim compensation, contact PK Simpson on 1300 757 467 or book an appointment to come and see us to have a chat, or email [email protected].