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    Making a compensation claim can be a harrowing ordeal on top of an injury or illness sustained through the fault of someone else, which is why you need an excellent lawyer to help you. Whether your claim is for compensation due to a work-related injury, or if it occurred as a result of a road accident, a trip and fall incident, or medical negligence, the person, company or organisation has to have insurance to cover these events. Be aware that the insurers have some pretty tough lawyers working hard to deny compensation claims. And at PK Simpson, we’re fully cognizant of the fact that insurance companies are notorious for trying everything possible to get you to settle your compensation claim out of court, and for the minimum possible amount. We know all the tricks of the insurance trade, and we work tirelessly to see that every claim avenue is covered and every report is written to support your claim. And we win more than 99 per cent of the time!

    For over 35 years, PK Simpson has helped people in Australia to make successful compensation claims.

    Our firm charges on a No Win – No Fee basis – but we don’t just pick and choose the cases we’re likely to win – still, we win over 99 per cent of the cases!


    What Kinds of Accidents Are Claimable?

    If you have been injured in any of these circumstances you can claim compensation, but don’t be alarmed if your particular situation is not listed here as this is a general guide:

    • A transport accident (motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, train, ferry, for instance
    • A slip and fall, trip or slip accident
    • While at work or in the course of your employment

    You can also make a compensation claim if you have sustained an injury during an accident in:

    • A shopping centre
    • Company premises
    • An educational institution
    • A sports event
    • A swimming pool
    • In a public place or footpath
    • In a private place
    • As a result of medical treatment/ medical negligence
    • Through product malfunction
    • As a result of a criminal act
    • Due to workplace discrimination – unfair dismissal, psychological injury, for instance
    • Due to harassment or sexual abuse
    • Due to negligence by someone offering a professional service
    • And in any situation where there is public liability

    At PK Simpson, we have top lawyers who specialise who can help you win your case so you receive the compensation you deserve. We use plain English to communicate with you because we know legal jargon can sound like a foreign language to non-lawyers. PK Simpson lawyers are compensation specialists who can easily translate the jargon, so you are clear about what is happening with your claim every step of the way.


    Our compensation lawyers will maximise your compensation by getting the best specialist reports to back your claim.

    We pay for all medical reports, so you don’t have to worry, and we research all claim avenues to make sure you don’t miss out on any of your compensation. Experience counts.

    Car Accident Claims
    Car Accident Claims

    What to Do if You’re Injured In an Accident

    If you sustain an injury in an accident in any of the circumstances listed above, you may be wondering if you have a right to claim compensation. If you believe someone else was to blame for your injuries, you should seek medical and legal advice as soon as possible because time limits to claim compensation apply. The lawyers you choose should be specialists in personal injury and compensation claims, such as PK Simpson. Our lawyers can assess whether or not you have entitlements or rights under NSW and Federal compensation schemes, especially if your injuries were caused by someone else’s neglect or actions.