Compensation Claim NSW

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    While many people commonly associate law with courtrooms, the reality is that most compensation claims in NSW are resolved before court proceedings commence. The compensation claims process can be complicated, but most follow the same pattern. If you choose PK Simpson injury compensation lawyers in Sydney, one of our compensation specialists will meet with you to hear your description of the events surrounding your injury, how it happened, and how it has affected you.

    You will need to authorise us to gather information on your behalf to investigate your compensation claim rights and entitlements. We will then send you a proposal to explain how we will handle your case if we believe we can pursue your claim successfully. Your lawyer will also explain our no-win, no-fee payment policy, and if the claim goes no further than this stage, you will pay nothing. If you agree to our terms, then we will proceed with the following:

    • Your claim – We carry out the searches and organise expert evidence on your behalf in accordance with our terms.
    • Negotiation – We then negotiate with the insurer, which may mean a face-to-face settlement discussion about your compensation claim.
    • Court – If these discussions fail to resolve your claim, it is open to you to begin a court case to pursue your rights and entitlements.

    If you’re searching the Internet for information on compensation claims in NSW and need a lawyer ‘near me’ or ‘nearby’, check out PK Simpson injury compensation lawyers. For more information about how we can help you with your compensation claim, contact us today on 1300 757 467, email [email protected], or complete our convenient online form so we can get straight back to you.