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    The laws covering motor accident compensation changes regularly so you will need an expert lawyer who is abreast of these to fight your case.  If you’re one of the lucky few who never have to claim on their insurance, you’re fortunate indeed. But accidents do happen, things tend to go awry, and usually at the worst possible times. If you’re involved in a natural disaster, a vehicle accident, or other event where you or a loved one is injured, or you suffer a loss covered by your insurance policy, you can make a claim.

    When you buy an insurance policy, your insurer promises to provide assistance if your injuries, loss, or damage is covered by the policy’s terms and conditions. To activate your insurer’s response, you must make a claim, and if the claim is accepted, as most are, the policy’s promise will be granted. This is usually through replacing or repairing damaged items or property, paying all medical and legal costs incurred, and paying you adequate compensation. But it’s crucial to your success to get legal advice before lodging your claim. Consult one of PK Simpson’s specialists to ensure there are no hitches or delays in receiving your compensation.

    For more than 38 years, PK Simpson Injury Compensation Lawyers have been helping the people of Australia claim and receive the compensation they deserve.

    We’ve successfully handled over 25,000 claims and helped thousands get their lives back on track.
    That is our speciality!


    What Should I Do Before Making a Claim?

    If you’re involved in a serious motor accident and will need to make a claim on your insurance or someone else’s if you’re not at fault,  you must follow the steps below:

    • Call the Police: If the police did not need to attend the accident scene, you must get the details of any other vehicles involved – names, addresses, car registration numbers – then go to the nearest police station and report the accident, or within 28 days, phone the Police Assistance Line on 13 14 44. Call PK Simpson lawyers for advice and assistance. You will need an incident number for your insurance claim.
    • Submit your Accident Notification Form. You must submit this form within 28 days of the accident, whether you were the driver at fault or not because there are no extensions on the time to lodge the form. You must also make sure a medical certificate signed by your doctor is attached to the form.
    • Submit a Motor Accident Personal Injury Claim Form. In an accident where another person was partly or wholly injured, you must submit a Motor Accident Personal Injury Claim Form with your CTP inside six months of the date the accident if you were at fault. If you were not at fault, then the form must be submitted with their CTP insurer. This form is rather complicated and long, so consult a lawyer for help.

    It’s a good idea to check your comprehensive insurance policy to make sure there are no exclusions that might affect your claim, and if you don’t know what your excess amount is, then check that as well.  Your lawyer can help in lodging your claim with all the correct documentation and medical records of your injuries or details of your property damage or loss.

    Car Accident Claims
    Car Accident Claims