As a worker who has sustained a permanent impairment due to a knee injury at work, you may be eligible to claim a Workers’ Comp knee injury settlement and benefits as compensation. This lump sum payment is not in place of weekly wage payments, medical expenses. A lump sum is an additional benefit generally available through the NSW Workers Compensation scheme for knee injuries and other workplace illnesses or harm.

How is My Knee Injury Assessed?

To be assessed for a lump sum settlement and compensation for a knee injury at work, your injuries must, on average, be deemed to have improved to the maximum medical level. Your knee injury would need to have stabilised substantially and be unlikely to improve with further treatments in the next 12 months with or without treatment. Speak to your treating doctor or specialist if you aren’t sure if your knee injury has reached maximum improvement.

Claiming Workers’ Comp for Knee Injuries

If you’ve sustained knee injuries at work and you’ve reported it to your employer and sought medical treatment, you should then call PK Simpson asap. Our expert personal injury lawyers have been helping thousands of people claim their Workers’ Compensation entitlements for the past 37 years. We know the tricks insurance companies try on with inexperienced lawyers. We know the secrets they keep from injured workers, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to lodge a claim for Workers’ Comp knee injuries. You may be eligible for the average medical expenses and other benefits and a lump sum settlement.

How Much is a Knee Worth in a Workers’ Comp Claim?

At PK Simpson, 80 per cent of our clientele are labourers, steel fixers, scaffolders, forklift drivers, security guards and other similar physically demanding on your feet all day type jobs and we’ve helped them all to receive successful and adequate knee injury compensation and lump sum payments. If you suffer a knee injury at work, you are entitled to the following three primary forms of compensation under the Workers’ Compensation:

  1. Compensation for your work-related knee injury medical expenses and travel bills
  2. Weekly payments and benefits as compensation for your inability to work
  3. A lump sum settlement for permanent impairment should you meet the Whole Person Impairment (WPI) threshold for your knee injuries

Which Lawyers Are Best for Workers Comp Cases?

You need lawyers who work for you to get you the best outcomes possible. At PK Simpson, our lawyers work very hard to get clients over the 15 per cent WPI threshold, which allows the injured person to make a common law or injury claim for which they can make a lump sum claim.

That’s our main game, and to do that, our lawyers have to work with doctors and medical experts who have the right experience to make correct assessments. Some law firms new to Workers’ Comp cases don’t have access to the best contacts and experienced doctors. We’ve been doing Workers’ Comp law for 37 years and have an excellent record of treating doctors to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

How Much is a Meniscus Tear Settlement?

As an example of an average workers comp settlement; Jim, worked as a scaffolder on a vast building site in Sydney. He was working on a cloudy day that threatened rain and was climbing down for safety reasons thinking it was about to rain.

A sudden downpour hit, and Jim’s foot slid on a perilous plank still slippery from previous rainfall. As he tried to stop falling over, he twisted his right knee, severely tearing the meniscus.

Such a tear is a serious knee injury, so Jim came to us for legal advice from a Workers’ Comp lawyer and lodged a Workers’ Compensation claim. We quickly got to work on his knee injury case.

Surgery was necessary

Jim was lucky he wore a safety harness or could have fallen and broken a leg or suffered head injuries. Still, doctors diagnosed the meniscus tear and found it was so severe he needed knee replacement surgery, which was paid for by Workers’ Compensation.

Due to the need for surgery, Jim was assessed by a PK Simpson requested medico-legal specialist and was deemed to have a WPI of 23 per cent after maximum medical improvement to claim a lump sum Workers’ Compensation settlement for his workplace knee injury. The IRO Approved Medical Specialist (AMS) agreed with PK Simpson’s medico-legal specialist rather than the insurers specialist.

Claim accepted!

We worked hard to get Jim the Workers’ Compensation benefits for lost wages and medical bills that he deserved for his workplace injury. The insurer accepted liability for the claim, and he was compensated with Workers Comp benefits for his weekly pay entitlements and his medical expenses. We won Jim over $500,000 for his knee injury, plus his weekly earnings, loss of past and future income and medical expenses, which the insurer had continued paying. Jim was also reimbursed for time off work for his surgery, rehabilitation and recovery.

How much lump sum Workers’ Compensation is payable?

The amount of lump-sum compensation payable for workers’ Compensation claims made on or after 19 June 2012 is set out in the following table:

Workers’ Comp Settlement For Neck Fusion Explained

For injuries suffered after August 5, 2015, the amount payable for lump sum Workers’ Compensation has increased according to the following table:

Contact us at PK Simpson today for all your Workers’ Compensation knee injury claims.


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