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Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Claims


    A car accident can lead to both mental and physical issues in victims that arise after the event and can go on for years. At PK Simpson Injury Compensation Lawyers, we realise that these problems might be life-long. Vehicle accidents are all too common on New South Wales roads. They can, and do, cause trauma and damage to your body, and may leave you unable to work and live the lifestyle you once enjoyed. Coming back from the injuries sustained in an accident may not be possible, and many people have to come to terms with living a life with debilitating problems. You may not have caused the accident, even so, it’s your responsibility to try to get the compensation you are entitled to receive. Many vehicle accident victims don’t realise it, but you can claim accident compensation for a lot of things. These include medical and rehabilitation fees, economic loss (being unable to work), and domestic help (in case you can’t perform your usual those domestic duties). Whether you were a passenger, driver, cyclist, pedestrian, motorbike rider or passenger, you may be able to claim compensation for any injuries in an accident.

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